Pictures of Erasmo Gomez Jr., Founder and Owner of LA Motor Scooter Adventures in Los Angeles

Welcome to Motor Scooter Adventures!

Hi! I am Erasmo and I have been a motorcycle rider for over three decades. My love for motorcycle riding started when I was young. As a boy, I also enjoyed riding and working on gas-powered RC cars, pocket bikes, scooters, and mopeds. It was something that I was very passionate about then and still am to this day.

When I moved to Texas, I realized how stable the weather really is. The kind of weather that just screams the need for some type of adventure. I wanted to be able to provide an experience to people who want a similar rush to riding a motorcycle, but without the state restrictions of needing to hold a motorcycle license to operate a smaller motorized vehicle. This is what spurred the idea behind Motor Scooter Adventures. There are plenty of electric options, but with electric options, you are limited by speed, mileage per charge, and the length of needed charging times.. With a gas-powered vehicle, riders can just fill up and go enjoy the day.

I am proud to be able to offer both residents and visitors of Houston, Texas a great way to get around each town on a variety of gas-powered vehicles, including a bicycle, scooter, and skateboard. All of our engines are EPA-approved and legal to drive in Texas. We are very fortunate in Los Angeles that you can drive these vehicles without a motorcycle license, as long as you ride within bike lanes and bike routes. With one of our vehicles, you’re able to travel through the city much more quickly and efficiently. And with the warmth from the Texas sun, it’s ALWAYS perfect weather!

So welcome to Motor Scooter Adventures. I hope that you enjoy your stay in Houston - if we have the opportunity to serve you, your stay will be that much more enjoyable!

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